Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance is obligatory for all clients hoping to go in Nepal with the Walking the Himalayan. The Travel Insurance should cover both the clinical and crisis clearing cost. We suggest that your protection merits at least USD 100,000. 

The magnificence of the Himalayas accompanies extraordinary dangers. It is in every case best to plan for any unexpected dangers that may happen while voyaging. There are numerous insurance agencies that offer travel protection administrations over the web. You can browse a wide assortment of insurance agencies according to your accommodation. Particularly with regards to journeying in Nepal, there is consistently a tight possibility of minor medical problems, wounds and above all – elevation disorder. 

It is urgent that you pick a protection strategy that takes care of the expense of the helicopter salvage from the mountains if there should arise an occurrence of significant mishaps and intense mountain affliction (AMS). During such extraordinary instances of a crisis clearing, a helicopter administration is the lone way out of the mountains. This incorporates a salvage group for both – ground departure and salvage. It is in every case preferred to be protected over grieved. 

Before you plan your excursion with us, do ensure that your movement protection takes care of the relative multitude of expenses referenced above from a solid organization. 

Suggested Travel Insurance Companies 
-    For Travelers from USA and CANADA 

  • Online Global Health Insurance 
  • Travelex 
  • Insure My (Online Insurance Aggregator) 
  • Mondial Assistance 
  • Access America 
  • HCC Medical Insurance Services 
  • Good Neighbor Insurance (International Health) 
  • International Health 
  • Insure-my-trip website 
  • Multinational Underwriters 
  • TIC Travel Insurance Coordinators Ltd 
  • Travel Assist 
  • Trave-Lite 

-    For Travelers from England 

  • Specialty Group (UK) Limited 
  • First Assist Services Limited 
  • Harrison Beaumont 
  • Buy modest travel protection 

-    For Travelers from EUROPE and SLOVENIA 

  • Assistance CORIS 

-    For Travelers from AUSTRALIA and NEW ZEALAND 

  • Cover-More Travel Insurance 
  • CGU Insurance Limited 

-    For Travelers from SOUTH AFRICA 

  • Travel protection Consultants Pty. Ltd. 

Affirmation: These organizations were suggested by our past voyagers and are for proposal purposes as it were.